What is Classroom Physical Activity?

While it can be assumed that classroom physical activity is physical activity in the classroom, it is important to make the distinction between this and physical education. Classroom physical activity is movement in the general education classroom facilitated by the classroom teacher. It can be categorized into three general areas:

  • Procedural activity: This is task oriented.  For example, allowing students to get up and sharpen pencils, or walk to turn in an assignment at a designated turn in basket.
  • Structured activity: This is whole-class engagement in physical activity unrelated to academic instruction.
  • Content-based activity: This is when physical activity is integrated into the academic lesson.

When incorporating physical activity into your classroom, consider how each type of activity may best suit your classroom, your students, and your teaching methods.

Note: Classroom physical activity should not be used as either reward or punishment! Rather, it is simply part of the learning process.

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