Music for Classroom Physical Activity

Engaging students in movement in the classroom can be as simple as playing a song and allowing students to dance. As with any classroom physical activity, parameters may need to be set to ensure safety. But with instructions to stay in your own space bubble and in control of your body, free dance is a fun, easy way to get students moving! Having a playlist of songs means classroom physical activity opportunities are available at the click of a button.

Movie soundtracks: Children’s movies are filled with kid-friendly music.  From old to new, think of your (and your students) favorite animated film and get the CD for your classroom.

  • Happy Feet soundtrack (link)
  • Rio soundtrack (link)
  • Cars soundtrack (link)
  • Finding Nemo soundtrack (link)
  • Up soundtrack (link)
  • Mary Poppins soundtrack (link)
  • Curious George soundtrack (link)

Compilations: Compilation CDs are a great way to get a variety of music on one CD!

  • Best Animated Kids Movie Songs (link)
  • Disney’s Greatest Hits (link)
  • Best Disney Album Ever (link)
  • 100 Sing-a-long Songs for Kids (link)

KIDZ BOP: This set of CDs, currently 27 in all, are “today’s biggest hits, sung by kids for kids” and the songs have been rewritten so lyrics are appropriate for kids. Access website

Content-based music: Songs help students learn and remember academic content.

  • CD: Here Comes Science (link)
  • CD: It’s Elementary (link)
  • Database: Educational songs (link)

Schoolhouse Rock: Do you remember this from your own childhood?!  Originally a television show, these animated musical short films taught children about everything from grammar to math to history.  Disney acquired rights to the show and has made Schoolhouse Rock available to a new generation (link).  Original Schoolhouse Rock CDs are also available on Amazon (link).

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