The Global Matrix 2.0: 2016 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

The Global Matrix 2.0 is a report card that grades physical activity comparatively across 38 countries. Tremblay and colleagues (2016) provide an introduction to the matrix, including its history, in this short article. This introduction opens a supplemental issue of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health that provides readers with summary papers from all 38 countries who participated in the survey in a format that enables comparisons. The United States abstract can be found on our Research page, in the second section, but all of the articles can be accessed here.

One possible take-away from these data are that, globally, we have room for improvement in achieving recommended levels of physical activity. While classroom physical activity was not a specific component assessed in the matrix, there is evidence to support classroom physical activity as a viable method of increasing movement in children, which we know has multiple benefits. The matrix does address the need for support for physical activity and, as educators, we are in a unique position to support our students to live active, healthy lives.

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